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January 15, 2015

"Mom's so cheap - she'd buy a used casket."

I would not.

Okay.  Well . . . . maybe.  But, it'd have to be very slightly used.

How did we function without social media?!


  1. Whatever next...I am not sure if to laugh or cry!!!

  2. Exactly what does slightly used mean...did someone try it out for size or what?

  3. I guess it is not slightly used, it must have been sitting in the show room for some time. LOL

  4. Oh my goodness! What is the world coming too? Quite funny really, I guess if you were ready to use it you wouldn't care how used it was, lol.


  5. Cremation - they used the casket for display purpose only.
    Hey, maybe it was a showroom model no one bought? ha ha ha

  6. Does it looks like lipstick is smeared all over it ?
    I am claustrophobic so I will be cremated.
    For who ever is left of my family and friend,no viewing just a fabulous dinner !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Oh my! LOL...I think....Happy Blogging New Year Jan! I've been following you for a while and love your ethos. I wonder if you'd honour me by linking up with my Premiere` Five Star Frugal Linky Party. I'm encouraging bloggers who live an elegant life on a shoestring, to share their secrets. I think you're a perfect candidate. Love, Mimi xxx