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April 3, 2014

Someone I know is thinking about building a cabin and I couldn't be
happier.  Cabins are so inviting and are a lot of fun to decorate.

Just hearing the word cabin evokes images of wooded hills,
the smell of evergreens, and casual decor.

Cabin decor is casual and somewhat masculine.

But a  white wash can add a sophisticated
feminine touch to a rustic interior.

Rough hewn columns and exposed beams
add a charming, woodsy touch.

A rock fireplace is practically a requirement for a log cabin.



  1. Because I live close to the beach, I always want to vacation in a cozy mountain cabin. These are beautiful.

  2. I can't wait till we have ours again....

  3. Makes me want to grab a good book, curl up and read!

  4. This post makes me want to live in a cabin... a spider free cabin!

  5. Love, love, love. I could see me cozying up to the fireplace and cooking in the kitchen in all these pictures....yep, my kind of life style, for sure!!